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The first stage involves understanding the users' needs and experiences. It's about gaining insights into their emotions, motivations, and challenges through observation, interaction, and immersing oneself in their environment.


This stage focuses on synthesizing the information gathered during the Empathize stage into a clear, actionable problem statement. It involves identifying the core issue to be addressed and defining the scope and focus of the project.


In the Ideate stage, the goal is to generate a wide range of ideas and solutions for the defined problem. This creative process encourages thinking outside the box and exploring various possibilities without immediate constraints or criticism.


Prototyping involves creating tangible representations of ideas. This stage is about building quick and basic versions of solutions to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to start bringing ideas to life for further exploration and refinement.


The final stage is about evaluating the prototypes through testing with real users. This phase is crucial for gathering feedback, understanding how users interact with the product, and learning what works and what doesn’t. It often leads to further iterations and refinements of the solution.

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